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20 September 2009 @ 09:57 pm
i didn't go to elementary school. i was a tv star by then.  
today is the day of celebrating Good (american) TV! and i, out of all people Love Good American TV♥. so, this is my very first picspam, and it's about Three Reasons why i'm watching the Emmy's this year, and who i'm rooting for and why. even tho it means staying up all night and being one tired student tomorrow (this is how we do it European style!). anyway, have fun tonight, turn your TVs to CBS, or like in my case, to some other tv channel that happens to show the Emmys in your country. so, here we go...

and the Emmy should go to

because i'm so awesome i get to be the Host this year.

because i do magic!

because i'm so talented, some people have hard time to believe i'm gay.

because when i smile i can melt any girls or guys heart.

because i'm awesome and i have the best face expressions ever.

because i'm too cute to be true.

because i'm awkward, and you're awkward and we can all be awkward together.

because i can be all serious and funny at the same time.

because i'm so talented, people think i'm kind of annoying in real life too.

because i mention my mom often and that's kind of adorkable.

because even tho you might not believe it, i'm actually really funny guy.

because i just turned 55 and i still look pretty damn good.

because all the legendary Lost lines have come from my mouth.
"destiny is a fickle bitch."
"if you mean time traveling bunnies then yes."
"how many times do i have to tell you, i always have a plan."

because i'm a master of playing someone who is Evil Like a Hobbit.

because in real life i'm actually genuinely nice guy.

feel free to use the pics for making icons or whatever. a link for this picspam would be nice credit but not neccessary.
a child dizzy on lemonade: ben linus = bad ass mofofalsebeginnings on September 20th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)

Seriously every time I watch Lost I just kind of want to hug Ben even if he's the most manipulative bastard on that show. That's good acting right there.